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Wonder Trap
Wonder Trap CS 24 HQ 12.png
JP name ワンダー トラップ
Dub name None
Type Block
Element Wind
Characteristic Normal
Users 1
Evolution Normal → V2 → V3 → V4 → Z
TP Consumtion
Chrono Stone 19
GO Strikers 2013 40
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 002

Wonder Trap (ワンダートラップ, Wandā Torappu) is a block hissatsu used by Matsukaze Tenma.





It first appeared in the Episode 2 being used by Tenma in the match of Tenmas and Protocol Omega. He stole the ball from a member of Protocol Omega.

It appeared again in Episode 3 also being used by Tenma and also, he succeeded to steal the ball.

It appeared another time in Episode 5 in the match of Raimon and Protocol Omega 2.0. Tenma succeeded to steal the ball from Dorimu.

Tenma used the hissatsu again in the Episode 8 and succeeded it to steal it from Einamu.

Tenma used it again in Episode 10 in order to steal the ball from Einamu.

It was used again in Episode 24 also by Tenma and succeeded to steal the ball fom a member of Zanark Domain.

It appeared again in Episode 44 in the match of El Dorado Team 03 and Garu. Tenma used it to get the ball from Fei and succeeded.


The user stands clear and swings his arms from right to left. The user closes his eyes and then, opens them again. The time is slow and the user runs ahead to the opponent, leaving some clones behind. The user jumps up and fastly steals the ball from the opponent.




Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone Wonder Trap


  • The time seems to be slow when Tenma uses this hissatsu.
  • It was the first new defensive hissatsu in the anime