Toudou Heikichi
Toudou Heikichi's Debut CS 2 HQ
JP name トウドウ ヘイキチ
Dub name None
Gender Male
Position None
Number None
Element None
Team Protocol Omega (Coach)
Protocol Omega 2.0 (Coach)
Seiyuu Masaki Aizawa
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 002

Toudou Heikichi (トウドウ ヘイキチ) is the chairman for El Dorado.

Plot Edit

Toudou CS Game HQ

Toudou in the Chrono Stone game.

In the Episode 3, he was seen again saying to Alpha that he was disappointed of him because of their defeat 2-0 against Tenmas and that he acted weakly with Protocol Omega.

In Episode 5, he was seen another time. The stats of Protocol Omega were shown and then, Toudou told the member who will leave the team: Alpha, Netan, Jini and Kual. They were very surprised and then sent to the Eternal Prison. Toudou then replaced them with Ward, Orca, Dorimu and Beta, the new captain of Protocol Omega, which became Protocol Omega 2.0.

In Episode 10, he was about to send Einamu and the others to the Eternal Prison but Beta asked him not to do this, and to give them a last chance.

In Episode 18, he ordered El Dorado's members to investigate about Nanobana Kinako, since she doesn't exist in the original timeline, so someone may have put her in .


  • Gichou (議長) is his title.
  • He is called Master by Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
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