The Lagoon
The Lagoon Opening CS HQ
Team Data
JP name フェーダ
Dub name Unknown
Captain Saryuu Evan
Wins 0
Losses 0
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Unknown

The Lagoon (ザ・ラグーン) is an antagonist team. They are the final team of Second Stage Children, led by Saryuu Evan.


  1. Hosu (GK) 
    The Lagoon Formation CS 49 HQ

    The Lagoon's formation.

  2. Duck (DF)
  3. Hamusu (DF)
  4. Sheep (DF)
  5. Pig (MF)
  6. Nike (MF)
  7. Om (MF)
  8. Meia (MF)
  9. Gillis (MF)
  10. Saryuu Evan (FW/Captain)
  11. Imusu (FW)
  12. Woods (GK)
  13. Peco (DF)
  14. Fetta (MF)
  15. Arika (MF)
  16. Demegu (FW)

Hissatsu TacticsEdit



  • In the game, the match of Chrono Storm and The Lagoon became 1-4 in the second half because of SARU scoring 3 goals at the very beginning of the half.
  • Despite being The Lagoon, this team is called Lagoon in Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013.
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