Team A5
Team A5 CS 7 HQ
Team Data
JP name チームA5
Dub name None
Captain Implied to be Einamu
Wins 0
Losses 1
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 007

Team A5 (チームA5) is the special force team of Alpha.

Members Edit


Team A5 first appeared in the Episode 7, at the tower of El Dorado. They later played against Raimon at God Eden.


Team A5 Vs. Raimon (First Match)Edit

In the Episode 7, Team A5 began a match against Raimon. Einamu scored the first goal, using Shoot Command 06. However, their match was interrupted by Shuu before they could finish it.

Team A5 Vs. Raimon (Second Match)Edit

In Episode 8, Team A5 challenged Raimon a second time. Shuu and Tenma fused together with the Mixi Max gun, and scored a goal against them.


  • The 5 stands for the fact that this team has only 5 members.
    Team A5 Formation CS 7 HQ 1

    Team A5 formation.

    • The A stands for Alpha, as it is his special team.
  • They are all original members of Protocol Omega.
  • They are the first soccer battle team in the anime.
  • It is the first team to not have an official captain since no one wears the captain band.
  • The reason why this team was formed is because the former members of Protocol Omega didn't like Beta and wished to have Alpha reinstated.
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