Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone Wiki
Shindou Mixi Max CS 17 HQ 12.png
Gender Male
Position Midfielder
Number 9
Team Raimon
El Dorado Team 02
Chrono Storm
Character Used Shindou Takuto
Oda Nobunaga
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 017

Takunaga is a Mixi Max Character in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.



When Shindou is Mixi Maxed with Nobunaga, his hair becomes dark red and his hair becomes more wavier and his hair also raised up and has a ponytail at the top of his head. His eyes become crimson red.


Sengoku Era[]

Takunaga passing the Protocol Omega 2.0's members.

He first appeared in Episode 17 after Shindou and Nobunaga Mixi Maxed with each other. He easily passed the members of Protocol Omega 2.0, used Setsuna Boost and scored the third goal for Raimon.

France Era[]

He appeared again in Episode 18, showing the other members of Raimon his power. He easily passed Kirino, Kariya and Amagi and used Setsuna Boost and scored against Sangoku.

He appeared again in Episode 21, after Kirino in his Mixi Max form passed the ball to him, and scored the winning goal with Setsuna Boost.

Bakumatsu Era[]

He also appeared in Episode 29 and used Setsuna Boost another time. This time, he scored the second point for Raimon who became tied with 2-2. After that, he disappeared, turning back to Shindou.

Jurassic Era[]

He appeared again in Episode 33 and passed the ball to Kyouji. Later, Takunaga was beaten twice by Optical Fiber. Later, he was seen tired like the other members.

Ragnarok Tournament[]

He appeared again in Episode 43 in the match of El Dorado Team 02 and Giru. He received the ball from Alpha and used Setsuna Boost which broke through Rejection and scored the second goal for El Dorado Team 02.


He also appeared in the fourth opening, called Raimei! Blue Train!. He was seen using Kami no Takuto FI in the Ragnarok Stadium.



Mixi Max[]

Takunaga in the TCG.

Mixi Trans[]