Shokatsu Koumei
Zhuge Liang CS 24 HQ
JP name 諸葛孔明
Dub name None
Gender Female
Position Midifielder
Number None
Element Wind
Team None
Seiyuu Yoko Soumi
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 023

Shokatsu Koumei (諸葛孔明), also known as Zhuge Liang, is a character in the Three Kingdom era.


Shokatsu Koumei has lightly toned skin and pinkish red eyes. Her hair is long and purple, ending in a ponytail which falls over her shoulder. She wears traditional Chinese clothing, and is usually seen holding a light purple feather fan.


In order to recruit Koumei, youneed to beat The Lagoon and also need to have:

  • Item: Paradise Diorama
  • Item: Captivating Cologne
  • Topic: Endless
  • Encounter: Meet Koumei! (Garden of Koumei)

After this, she can be scouted by an amount of 4000 Kizuna Points.



At Lvl. 99

  • GP: 116
  • TP: 211
  • Kick: 85
  • Dribbling: 128
  • Block: 142
  • Catch: 102
  • Technique: 126
  • Speed: 97
  • Stamina: 95
  • Lucky: 119




Mixi MaxEdit



  • In real history, she is actually a man and was a warfare strategist who served Ryuu Gentoku. In the anime, she is a warfare strategist as well, but she doesn't know Ryuu Gentoku before he introduced himself to her when he reached her in her fortress, and she also doesn't work for him at any time.

    Hakuryuu and Taiyou mixi maxed with Koumei depending on the version

  • In the games, she will Mixi Max with Amemiya Taiyou or Hakuryuu depending on the version.
    • In the anime, Taiyou is the one who got Mixi Maxed with her.
  • Ryuu Gentoku says that Shokatsu Koumei can turn into a dragon, as he doesn't understand what a Keshin is.

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