Shinsei Inazuma Japan
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Team Data
JP name 新しいイナズマジャパン
Dub name None
Captain Matsukaze Tenma
Wins 1
Losses 0
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W
Shinsei Inazuma Japan (新しいイナズマジャパン) is a team introduced in the Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W crossover movie.


The team first appeared in Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W in the changing room. They were preparing for their match against Inazuma Legend Japan. However, they never were able to finish as they were interrupted by Asta, who had knocked down Endou Mamoru. Later, Matsukaze Tenma used Majin Pegasus Arc and [[Nishiki Ryouma used [[Sengoku Bushin Musashi and the defense joined them to stop Asta. However, they failed to do so and Nishizono Shinsuke was knocked out too by Asta's shoot. Soon after that, the Danball Senki W cast came to help Shinsei Inazuma Japan amd knocked out down the LBxs. Tenma and Tsurugi Kyousuke used Fire Tornado DD along with Inazuma Break and Last Death Zone to destroy the scoreboard and they succeeded. The city started to vanish and Shinsei Inazuma Japan was in trouble as the wave was coming closer to them but Fei Rune came to save them just at time with the Inazuma TM Caravan and the members were shocked about the disappearing city. After that, they followed the Danball Senki W caravan.


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  • This team's jersey is similar to the one Protocol Omega 2.0 was using when they were impersonating Japan, but its colour is white and red instead of white and blue.
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