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Shindou Takuto
SHINDOU cs39 HQ.png
JP name 神童拓人
Dub name Riccardo Di Rigo
Gender ♂ Male
Position Forward
Number 9
Element Wood
Team Raimon
Entaku no Kishi
El Dorado Team 02
Chrono Storm
Shinsei Inazuma Japan
Seiyuu Mitsuki Saiga
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 001

Shindou Takuto (神童拓人) is one of the main characters in Chrono Stone. He is a midfielder and forward for Raimon and Chrono Storm and also, becoming captain for Entaku no Kishi and El Dorado Team 02.

Being Mixi Maxed with Oda Nobunaga, he became the 1st member of the Ultimate Eleven, being discribed as the gamemaker of truth in the Hasha no Seiten.


Shindou in his school uniform.

He has short, wavy brown greyish hair and brown reddish eyes. He also has normal height and slightly-tanned skin. In Raimon, he wears the soccer uniform, soccer jacket and the school

Shindou in his jacket.

uniform. In a flashback, he was seen wearing the Raimon second team uniform.

His casual outfit consists of a white and black flannel shirt, black pants and brown shoes. His casual outfit looks mostly like what conductors or pianists wear before a performance. Coincidentally, he wore his casual clothes when he was playing the piano at his home.

Sengoku and Bakumatsu Era[]

In the Sengoku and Bakumatsu Eras, he was seen wearing a black kimono-like and a white band around his wrist and dark green trousers and sandals.

France Era[]

In the France Era, he wears black shirt with two golden lines over a white shirt. His trousers are black and he wears black long boots with a golden line under the boots.

Three Kingdom Era[]

In The Three Kingdom era, he wears a gray-white shirt with gray sleeves and with some golden lines. He has a yellow cloth around his neck. At the middle of the sleeves and shirt, he has a brown line around it. He wears a gray trousers with brown boots with a golden line too.

Jurassic Era[]

In the Jurassic Era, he wears a green-brown shirt with gray lines and without sleeves. In the shoes are green-brown with a gray line too.

King Arthur Era[]

In the King Arthur Era, he wears a white, brown and black knight uniform. His cape is red and he also has a sword.


He is seen that he cares for his team, as shown that he is the playmaker of his team and mostly gave the orders at his teammates that they will know what to do. He was also determined and pushing himself to train harder to use his Keshin Armed. He seems also to be emotional when Raimon left the Sengoku Era and he had to leave Okatsu. Then, he was seen crying in the caravan about Okatsu. Later, he cares more about Kirino when he became injured and Shindou said that he will cover him, talked and kept an eye on Kirino in the France Era.  When the Ragnarok started and he was chosen to be captain of El Dorado Team 02, he was seen to be more worried when the Protocol Omega members in the team don't listen to his orders and kept playing with their won teammates. He is close friends with Kirino Ranmaru and Sangoku Taichi but mostly with Kirino.


The Beginning[]

Shindou playing piano in the music club.

He is first shown playing the piano in the music club, after Shindou went out, Tenma said to Shindou Captain, which left him confused. Later, Tenma aksed him where the soccer club was to which Shindou replied in a short response that there's no soccer club and he doesn't recognize Tenma at all and introduced himself. This ends the short conversation. It is then revealed that he joined the music club.

In Episode 3, he appeared alongside with the Raimon soccerteam. They remembered their memories for soccer again but they didn't know who Tsurugi Kyousuke was. He agreed to help Tsurugi Yuuichi, Tenma and Fei Rune to bring back the soccer and stop the plans of El Dorado. He was surprised that the Inazuma Caravan could fly and about Wonderbot.

In Episode 4, he traveled with Fei, Tenma, Yuuichi and Shinsuke to 7 years into the past, where Kyousuke and Yuuichi were playing soccer in their young form. Later, they were interrupted by Alpha and he fought against Protocol Omega with Fei, Tenma, Yuuichi and Shinsuke and with some Duplis. He was surprised that Yuuichi and Tenma could use Keshin Armed. At the end of the match, Raimon won with 1-0. Shindou was seen to be sad after Yuuichi disappeared and returned to their timeline and he was shocked when he heard that soccer was banned.

In Episode 5, he was still surprised that soccer was banned. Haruna explained that it was because of the soccer match last month, which Tenma, Shindou and Shinsuke were happy and said that it was a great match, while the others were looking confused to them and Haruna said that it was the worse match that they have ever seen. Raimon watched the match and Tenma, Shindou and Shinsuke were shocked about it since they remembered that it was a great match and then Dr. Arno appeared and explained that it was because of the parallel world. While the most members didn't understand it, Raimon travelled one month back in time and played as the American team against the Japan team, who were Protocol Omega 2.0. In the match, he ordered Kirino and Amagi to stop Beta but it failed.

In Episode 6, the match continued and Shindou was shocked when Kurama was injured by Beta and the second half ended. He encouraged Tenma, who couldn't use Keshin Armed anymore, with saying that they still have Keshin. Shindou, Tsurugi, Nishiki and Shinsuke stood clear for the goal and called their Keshin but it failed to stop Shoot Command 07. At the end of the match, Raimon lost and Beta brainwashed the Raimon members and tried to seal Fei away and Shindou was shocked. Endou used God Hand V to protect Fei but instead, he was sealed away. Shindou ordered the other to get into the Inazuma TM Caravan and returned to their timeline. He was shocked that the Raimon members without a Keshin left the team and was more surprised when it was explained that the others were brainwashed into leaving the team. He was mad that Beta brainwashed them in order to hate soccer.

In Episode 7, Shindou and the other remaining members went to God Eden to train for their Keshin Armed. He also tried to get Keshin Armed with his keshin but failed. In the match against Team A5, he got hurt by Shoot Command 06.

In Episode 8, he talked with Tsurugi, stating that he was surprised that even people from the future have feelings as he saw that Einamu wanted to bring back Alpha. Shindou then used his new hissatsu, Olympus Harmony and he also used his Keshin and tried to fuse with it but failed during the rematch and lost the ball. He was happy when Tenma finally succeeded to use his Keshin Armed and the match ended with 1-0, resulting Raimon's victory.

In Episode 9, he with the others were stealing the Hasha no Seiten in the soccer museum 200 years in the future. When they arrived by the abyss, he said that they must use teamwork to reach the ladder. He standed on Nishiki's shoulders and Tenma standed on his shoulders. When Shinsuke got out of his balance, Shindou, Tenma and Nishiki hanged above the abyss. He also played against the Soccer Robots with the others and won with 1-0. They went back to the Inazuma TM Caravan and returned to their timeline and went after that to Tenma's house.

In Episode 10 and Episode 11, Shindou and the others travelled to the time where Daisuke still lived. They wanted to ask him what was in the Hasha no Seiten but they got interrupted by Protocol Omega 2.0. Shindou with the others played against Protocol Omega 2.0. They revealed their new Hissatsu Tactic, 3D Reflector, as Shindou and Kidou realized what Daisuke meant by 3D. He was tackled hardly by Einamu after Beta used Ghost Mixi Max. At the end, Raimon lost with 5-3. He was shocked when Daisuke turned into the Chrono Stone. Daisuke explained the Hasha no Seiten and Shindou, Tsurugi and Nishiki went to Shindou's house to search some information about Nobunaga and went to the Sengoku Era after they got an artifact.

Sengoku Era[]

Shindou proving himself of not being an enemy.

In Episode 12, Raimon went to the Sengoku time. He met Okatsu, who threw some water on Shindou. Okatsu said that he should let his clothes dry at her house. Shindou and Okatsu were seen talking at Okatsu's place. In the evening, Daisuke revealed that Shindou is the first one of the Ultimate Eleven and that he must fuse his aura with Nobunaga's aura. The next morning, he was surprised to see Nobunaga, but then Nobunaga asks the Raimon team if they are the enemies because they were not from this country, but Shindou bowed down and explained. Shindou then successfully proved himself and the others that they are not enemies and Nobunaga says that Shindou's eyes weren't lying, after that, Nobunaga stopped a horse. Shindou failed to Mixi Max with Nobunaga because the energy levels were different, so Shindou has to train in order to fuse with Nobunaga. In Episode 13, he along with Raimon fought against Shiroshika. Shindou also used his Keshin and also tried to Keshin Armed but failed. He asked to himself why it failed. Later, he lost the ball because the captain of Shiroshika released his Keshin and used his Keshin hissatsu. Shindou also used Kami no Takuto to help Tasuke and the others. When Shinsuke successfully Keshin Armed, Shindou glared to Shinsuke. At the end of the match, 

Shindou training in the night.

Raimon won with 10-2. In the night when everyone slept, Shindou wore his Raimon uniform and went out of the house. He was seen training and he was saying to himself that he must train to get Keshin Armed when even Shinsuke can use Keshin Armed and that he must train to Mixi Max with Nobunaga. Okatsu then visits Shindou at night when he is practicing and encourages him at the same time, she blushes, but then Akane appears in between the two and both Shindou and Okatsu are shocked to see her.

In Episode 14, he was seen training in order to get Mixi Max with Nobunaga and to get his Keshin Armed. Okatsu brought some food to him and Shindou was seen eating it. Later, Fei joined Shindou's training to help him. Later, he got arrested like the others.

In Episode 15, he explained to Nobunaga that they came from the future and he sad that Nobunaga will not rule in the country, which shocked everyone. At the training, he was trying to get Keshin Armed. It was better than first but he didn't succeed it. He also said that something was missing to use Keshin Armed.

Shindou being Takunaga.

In Episode 16, he fought against Protocol Omega 2.0 with the others of Raimon. He was seen stealing the ball from Dorimu. He also tried to use Keshin Armed again but failed again. After that, he was seen flying away because of Dorimu. At the end of the episode, Protocol Omega was in lead with 2-1. In Episode 17, Shindou succeeded his Keshin Armed because Nobunaga gave him some advice. He scored the second goal for Raimon. Later, he succeeded to

Shindou crying.

Mixi Max with Nobunaga and he got easily past the Protocol Omega 2.0's members. He used Setsuna Boost, which scored the third and final goal. Before he returned to the present time, Shindou was seen talking with Okatsu and Okatsu gave him a lunchbox. After Raimon departed, he was seen in the Inazuma TM Caravan. He opened the lunchbox and had a flashback of him and Okatsu. After that, he was seen crying about her.

France Era[]

In Episode 18, he was seen along with the others returning to the present time. He was also seems to be shocked when Kinako

Shindou and Kirino in Raimon second team uniform.

entered the soccer club and that she revealed that she has won a match against Tsurugi for the ace striker's place. After that, he showed his Mixi Max power and also used Setsuna Boost and it scored against Sangoku, leaving the other members, who didn't see his powers yet, surprised The next morning, he was selected to be one of the eleven who were going to the past. When Kirino said that he wanted to go to, Shindou turned around and said Kirino's name.

In Episode 19, he was seen in the France era clothes. Shindou and the others met Jeanne and she asked who they are. Shindou answered that they came from the future, shocked himself and the others a bit, but the soldiers didn't want to believe him. After that, Shindou and the others went to Jeanne's city. They were seen playing soccer. He was happy that Kirino was at his side this time. After that Jeanne said that Raimon was sent by God, he told the true to Jeanne. It was seen in a flashback that Kirino asked if he can go with Jeanne to Charles and Shindou agreed with it and said that he was counting on Kirino and that he will stay behind.

In Episode 20, he was happy when Kirino was back with the others and said against Kirino that he succeeded it. Later when a soldier told that Jeanne was going to fight against the enemies, Kirino went after Jeanne and Shindou called his name. Shindou and the others were seen fighting against Protocol Omega 3.0. Shindou and Tsurugi tried to stop Gamma but failed. At the end of the episode, Shindou told to Kirino that he should concentrate on the match and returned to his position.

In Episode 21, Raimon continued their fight against Protocol Omega 3.0. He was seen trying to block Dhanna along with Kirino but Kirino let her pass. Shindou was also seen dribbling back and passed the ball to Kirino. In the second half, Shindou was seen stopping Einamu who was about to use Shoot Command 06. He said to Kirino, who was injured, that he trust Kirino's judgement and that he will cover him. After that, he was seen trying to stop Orca, Bahamusu and Reiza. Later, he got tackled by Orca and blocked Orca with Kirino and he was surprised at Kirino's Keshin aura. Later, he stopped Bahamusu with Kirino and talked with Kirino after that. He was surprised that Kirino revealed his Keshin, Senkishi Brunhild, and was happy. He was also happy when Kirino Mixi Maxed with Jeanne. After Kirino passed to Shindou, Shindou used Mixi Trans Nobunaga and used Setsuna Boost and scored the second and winning goal for Raimon. He along with Kirino unMixi Maxed after the match. When Raimon was in the Inazuma TM Caraven, he was seen smiling after Kirino ate the candy.

Three Kingdom Era[]

In Episode 22, Shindou was seen training with the others of Raimon. He was seen to be surprised when Taiyou came and that he said that he knew Kinako. Shindou replied that it might be another time paradox. He was chosen to go to the Three Kingdom Era along with ten other members. After they arrived there, they met Ryuu Gentoku and Shindou told that they came from the future and that Raimon needs Ryuu Gentoku and Shokatsu Koumei's power in order to save soccer. After that, they went to Shokatsu Koumei's house but in the house, they got interrupted by Zanark Domain and Shindou was chosen along with Tsurugi, Tenma, Kinako and Ryuu Gentoku to play a soccer battle against them. He explained to Ryuu Gentoku what he should do in the soccer battle playing as goalkeeper. He tried to stop Rasetsu but it failed. Shindou was surprised and shocked when Ryuu Gentoku ran ahead to the opponent goal and left Raimon's goal open.

In Episode 23, he was seen stopping the ball and saving the goal because Ryuu Gentoku ran up and left the goal open. After that, he passed to Tsurugi and Tenma, who used Fire Tornado DD and scored the winning goal in the soccer battle against Zanark Domain. After that, Zanark Domain disappeared and Shindou and the others walked further to go to Shokatsu Koumei. Raimon pasted several tests and as final test, they had to beat Terracotta. When Shinsuke was brought in as goalkeeper instead of Ryuubi, Shindou, along with Kirino, helped Shinsuke to protect the goal since Shinsuke wasn't able to do it. After Ryuubi encouraged Shinsuke, Shindou and Tenma encouraged Shinsuke too by calling his name, in which Shinsuke revealed his new Hissatsu, Buttobi Punch, and stopped the Gear Drive. At the end, Raimon beated Terracotta with 2-1. At the end, they met Shokatsu Koumei.

In Episode 24, Shindou and the others met Shokatsu Koumei and Ryuubi asked her if she would join forces with him but she declined, leaving the Raimon members shocked. After they tried to convince Koumei, Zanark Domain appeared and challenged Raimon for a match. Raimon accepted it and started thematch with their kick off. They easily got the ball untill Shindou received the ball. Shindou was hardly being tackled by Zanark, leaving Shindou a bit injured, and Zanark scored the first goal with Disaster Break. After that, Raimon had a hard time to score a goal and to get the ball. Shindou was seen to keep an eye on Taiyou since he didn't use his full power and Taiyou didn't even know why. Kurama asked what was wrong with him, which Shindou replied that Taiyou was afraid of breaking his body beyong repair. Near the end of the first half, Zanark Domain played their real soccer and injured the most members of Raimon. When Taiyou shouted that they wouldn't lose, Koumei released her Keshin ad her Keshin went to Taiyou, who Mixi Maxed with Koumei after that, leaving Shindou and the others surprised.

In Episode 25, the match continued with Taiyou scoring the first goal for Raimon. After that, Taiyou ordered Shindou, Kirino, Kariya and Kinako to run in the last circle to make Kimon Tonkou no Jin and successfully stopped Zanark. When Raimon got the ball, Zanark used his Keshin and Armed with it. Taiyou ordered Shindou and the others to use Kimon Tonkou no Jin again but Zanark broke fiercly through it, making the members injured and scored a point. After Ryuubi encouraged Shinsuke, Shinsuke successfully Mixi Maxed with Ryuubi, which made Shidnou and the others happy. Shindou was surprised that Zanark was out of control and when Koumei said that they should leave, Shindou replied what they should do about the match. At the end, they left and Raimon went back to their own timeline.

Bakumatsu Era[]

In Episode 26, Shindou and the others went back to their timeline and saw that Hayami was excited. The ext morning, Daisuke said that they will get the 5th and 6th power in the Shogunate Era. Shindou was chosen by Daisuke and went to the Shogunate Era. There, they were dived in two groups, Shindou being in Nishiki's group. After a walk, they were knocked down by a man, who rolled down from a hill. After that, Zanark Domain challenged them for a soccer battle and Shindou and the others accepted the challenge. In the battle, Shindou ordered Shinsuke to stop the ball which succeeded. At the end, Raimon won with 1-0 because of Hikaru's Extend Zone. After that, Zanark Domain left and went with the man to his house. There, Shindou and the others discovered that the man was Sakamoto Ryouma after Shinsenguumi broke in.

In Episode 27, Shindou and the others escaped from the Shinsenguumi and Sakamoto said that he wanted to learn soccer, so Shindou and the others went practicing. But while they were training, Okita interrupted them and wanted to kill Sakamoto with his sword. Shindou and the others got interrupted again by Zanark Domain who challenged them for another soccer battle but this time, Shindou didn't participate in the soccer battle and Okita joined Zanark Domain. After Raimon won the soccer battle with 1-0 because of Tsurugi scored in his Armed form, Zanark Domain left and left Okita behind, who was coughing heavily. Shindou walked to him and was worried about him. Shindou was also surprised when he heard that Okita won't live for long anymore because of his disease.

In Episode 28 and Episode 29, Shindou and the others went to Sakamoto's house to wait there for Sakamoto. After he arrived their, Raimon went training and when they were training, Nakaoka ran to them and delivered a briefcase to Sakamoto's but he didn't trust the briefcase and said that it might be a trap to kill Sakamoto, which shocked Shindou and the others. Then Fei came up with a plan to come with the Inazuma TM Caravan. After they arrived their, Zanark Domain appeared and challenged Raimon for another match. Shindou along with the rest of Raimon fought against Zanark Domain. Shindou got easily passed by some members of Zanark Domain, the same happened to the other members. When Kirino and Sakamoto were hit by Zanark, Shindou was worried about Kirino. Later, he used Mixi Trans Nobunaga and used Setsuna Boost. He scored the second point for Raimon and they became tied. At the end, Raimon won with 3-2.

Jurassic Era[]

During the Jurassic Era in Episode 31, he stated no humans should be living in that era while questioning about the clothing for this era. He later went to explore the era with his other teammates. While travelling with Tobu to his home, he commented Tobu's movements to be abnormal. In Tobu's home, he questioned about his existence in that era which humans are not supposed to exist, which Tobu doesn't get a clue. He also introduced Tobu about his and his teammates' goal in this era; to get dinosaurs' aura. He later went with Tobu the next day to look for Rockstar along with his teammates.

In Episode 32, he was still searching for Rockstar along with his other teammates. Later, when Death Horn appeared, Shindou used Fortissimo and hit Death Horn. The next morning, Shindou and his teammates fought against Perfect Cascade, who challenged them for a soccer match. At the end, Raimon lost and Rei Rukh was about to use his Sphere Device and the Mind Control mode but they were saved by some dinosaurs, who interrupted the teams.

In Episode 33, after they escaped from the match against Perfect Cascade, Shindou commented that if wasn't for Dr. Arno Crossword who rescued them, Raimon would had fall under Rei Rukh and his Sphere Device's Mind Control. After that, he was seen training against some dinosaurs with his teammates and was surprised that Kinako had a Keshin. After that, Raimon was challenged again for a soccer match. In the match, Shindou ordered the others to use their Mixi Trans and Shindou used Mixi Trans Nobunaga. Shindou got beated by Tactics AX5 and  was seen tired at the end of the episode.

In Episode 34, Raimon continued their match against Perfect Cascade, with Shindou and the others being still in Mixi Max form. Raimon had a hard time to get the ball from Perfect Cascade. When Fei was about to get hit by Death Horn, he was really worried about him like the others. Later, Shindou stole the ball from one of the members and said to Taiyou that the sideline was open and ordered him to go there and Taiyou listened to him. When Fei released his Keshin, Shindou was surprised that Big released his Keshin too and defeated Death Horn. After Fei scored the first goal with Ouja no Kiba while being in Mixi Max and Armed form. Shindou, Tsurugi and Nishiki unMixi Maxed and Armed with their Keshin. Shindou was worried when Tsurugi was being hit by Rei Rukh but Shindou was later hitted as well by Rei Rukh. The match suddenly ended when Perfect Cascade left and Raimon returned to their own timeline as well.

King Arthur Era[]

Shindou giving advice to Aoyama.

In Episode 35, he was seen training with the other members of Raimon. He tried to stop Taiyou but it failed and said to Taiyou that it was good. Later, he ordered Aoyama to stop Kinako but it failed. After that, he gave advice to Aoyama. Shindou asked to Dr. Arno how they can timetravel to a fiction world. Later, Shindou was chosen to go to King Arthur's era. When Shindou saw that there were 13 members chosen, he was shocked and asked it to Daisuke. Daisuke replied that they need more power and that the caravan can bring more members. Later, he turned into the leader of the Entaku no Kishi because something went wrong while they timetraveled.

Shindou observing the field.

In Episode 36, he talked with Tenma and Fei about what happend with the timetravel, after the accident happend. Later, he was seen as the captain of the Entaku no Kishi. He said to Tenma that they should play a real match against each other since King Arthur could easily see if they won't play a real match. He was seen interrupting the pass between Tenma and Fei. He first observed the field and then, he used Kami no Takuto to lead the others. The match ended with 1-1. After the match, Master Dragon appeared and Shindou ordered the others to protect King Arthur and Aoi. He shot the ball to Master Dragon but she easily stopped the ball. When Master Dragon took Kinako with her, Shindou was seen to be worried about Kinako. Later, he was seen talking to King Arthur with the rest and went to a place with the rest.

In Episode 37, he went with the others of Entaku no Kishi to the cave where Kinako was with Master Dragon. When everyone was tired, he encouraged them to go on. He was to be surprised when the snakes appeared. When the snaked went aside, he ordered the others to go the way the snakes made. After they appeared at a place that went into fire and King Arthur used his sword to make a way through the fire, Shindou ordered the others again to run to be safe. When they arrived by the cave, Shindou said that this was the cave. He was worried about King Arthur when he was fighting Master Dragon.

Before the match against Perfect Cascade, Shindou was called by Tenma and Shindou asked where Tenma want to talk about. He was surprised that Tenma said that he didn't want to be captain anymore and that Shindou should be the leader of Raimon and Entaku no Kishi. Shindou disagreed and encouraged Tenma that he should be the captain because Shindou had chosen him to be captain and that he should lead to the team. Tenma was still unsure about it when the match started. He was surprised that Perfect Cascade were androids and that they changed to Hyper Dive Mode.

After the match started, Shindou ordered Kirino and Kinako to stop Perfect Cascade but it failed. Perfect Cascade easily passed Shindou and his other teammates. After the second half started, Shindou was shocked when Perfect Cascade and easily passed him. Shindou encouraged Tenma again for being the captain by passing the ball to him, and Tenma realized it. Shindou was seen to be happy when Entaku no Kishi won. After the match, Entaku no Kishi was transferred by El Dorado to their Route Craft, leaving Shindou and the others surprised.

Ragnarok Tournament[]

In Episode 39, Shindou was seen in the El Dorado headquarters along with his teammates and the others who didn't go to the King Arthur Era. First, Shindou was surprised and a but angry when El Dorado transferred them to their headquarters but later, he understood their reason and agreed, along with his teammates, to help El Dorado to win of Second Stage Children at the Ragnarok Tournament, being held in the Ragnarok Stadium. Shindou was chosen to be a member and captain of El Dorado Team 02. Shindou was surprised that he was the captain but Alpha, Beta and Gamma were slightly angry that Shindou was the captain.

When El Dorado Team 02 was training for the Ragnarok Tournament, Shindou ordered Gamma to pass to Kariya but Gamma ignored his order and Amagi was angry about it. When the practice ended, Amagi and Kurama left the changing room angrily, leaving Shindou worried behind.

In Episode 40, he was shocked that the Second Stage Children destroyed El Dorado headquarters and made the Ragnarok Stadium from its ruins. He was worried about Fei when suddenly he fell unconscious on the ground and waited for him to wake up in the hospital.

When El Dorado Team 02 had a team meeting, he was talking about that they didn't know Second Stage Children's skills but he was interrupted by Beta who said that the meeting wasn't needed if they have no information about the opponent and left with the rest of the Protocol Omega members. Shindou asked Sakamaki about it but Sakamaki replied with that he is the captain and he should know what to do, which left Shindou being more worried

When the match started between El Dorado Team 01 and Zan, Shindou was first surprised that the Zan players didn't do anything but when Fadam easily stopped all three shoots of Tsurugi easily, Shindou was surprised and shocked about their skills. When Tsurugi was injured by four Zan players, he was shocked too and worried about Tsurugi. When Fei shot an own goal, Shindou was shocked and surprised. When El Dorado Team 01 lost with 5-1, he was surprised that they lost and at the end, when they had a Captain Coach meeting, Shindou said that they need to win the next match, in which Tenma and Tsurugi agreed.

In Episode 42, Shindou was seen along with the other Raimon members with their uniform, being surprised that it was the Protocol Omega uniform. When Daisuke told that Zanark was the eleventh member of the Ultimate Eleven and that he will play in the match, Shindou was surprised and a bit angry. After he saw Meia and Gillis being their opponent, Shindou asked himself what their skills were and went to the field with his team.

When the match started against Giru, he made several orders and also used Kami no Takuto but the orders and Kami no Takuto didn't work since the team wasn't working together and ignored Shindou's orders. When Meia and Gillis released their Keshin, Shindou used his Keshin too and also Armed with it and tried to stop them but it failed and he was blown away, leaving Kirino worried about Shindou. After the second goal was scored, he was ordering Gamma for the ball and received it. He used Kami no Takuto again but it failed since Alpha and Beta bumped into each other, leaving him worried why it didn't work. After the third was scored, he was really worried and asked himself how to win this match. When Rujiku was brought injured away, and Mecha Endou was brought in as new goalkeeper, Shindou was surprised.

In Episode 43, Shindou held a speech and said that Alpha, Beta and Gamma should listen to his orders in the second half. El Dorado Team 02 continued their match against Giru in the second half. Shindou used Kami no Takuto again. This time, it worked well untill the pass to Gamma failed and went outside the field. Sakamaki called Shindou to come by him and said something to Shindou. After that, Shindou analysed Alpha's, Beta's and Gamma's passes and power. When he analysed all, Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI and ordered Alpha, Beta and Gamma which this time succeeded. The Raimon members who were watching or playing were surprised by Shindou and Sakamaki answered that Shindou was able to do this because he has playmaker abilities of a genius and can lead the team pretty well. Later, Shindou used Mixi Trans Nobunaga and used Setsuna Boost. It scored the second goal for El Dorado Team 02. Shindou ordered Beta to run towards the goal and Beta released her Keshin and used the Keshin Hissatsu and scored the third goal. Shindou was surprised that Mecha Endou exploded after he called his Keshin and stopped Meia and Gillis' shoot. He was also surprised after Zanark stopped Dead Future without any Hissatsu. At the end of the match, El Dorado Team 02 won with 4-3. After the match, Shindou thanked Alpha, Beta and Gamma for listening to his orders and wished Tenma good luck by his match.

In Episode 44, he, along with El Dorado Team 01 and his teammates, were watching the match of El Dorado Team 03 and Garu. Like the others, Shindou was also shocked and surprised when he saw that Fei was the captain of Garu.

In Episode 47, he was shown along with the other members of Chrono Storm in the locker room celebrating Fei's comeback to the team.


At Lvl. 99

Tsurugi and Shindou in Shinsei Inazuma Japan

  • GP: 142
  • TP: 139
  • Kick: 123
  • Dribbling: 144
  • Technique: 133
  • Block: 115
  • Speed: 114
  • Stamina: 102
  • Catch: 97
  • Lucky: 85

Fully Upgraded

  • TP: 190
  • Kick: A
  • Guard: A
  • Body: A
  • Speed: A
  • Control: S
  • Catch: B


  • [SH] Setsuna Boost (Mixi Max Form)

    Shindou Armed.

  • [SH] Fortissimo
  • [SH] Koutei Penguin 3gou
  • [OF] Olympus Harmony
  • [OF] Presto Turn

  • [SH] Setsuna Boost (Mixi Max Form)
  • [SH] Fortissimo
  • [SH] Joker Rains
  • [OF] Olympus Harmony
  • [OF] Presto Turn

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    Keshin Armed[]

    Mixi Max[]


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    • "Shindou" means "prodigy", which refers to Shindou's great talent to play the piano, and also his superior soccer skills. "Takuto" means "baton" — which refers to musical conducting, — which refers to his hissatsu tactic, Kami no Takuto, and his keshin, Sousha Maestro.