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Rau Sem
Rau Sem CS 33 HQ.PNG
JP name ラウ・セム
Dub name None
Gender Male
Position Goalkeeper
Number 1
Element Wood
Team Perfect Cascade
Seiyuu Unknown
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Unknown

Rau Sem (ラウ・セム) is the goalkeeper of Perfect Cascade.


He has dark brown gray hair, crimson red eyes and a pale skin. He wears the Perfect Cascade goalkeeper uniform.

Plot (Chrono Stone)[]

He first appeared in Episode 32 with his team, challenging Raimon for a soccer match. Perfect Cascade scored 19 points and after the match, Rei Rukh was about to use his Sphere Device to mind control Raimon but Tochan called many dinosaurs and after the dinosaurs left, Raimon disappeared and Perfect Cascade disappeared too.

In Episode 33 and Episode 34, Perfect Cascade fought again against Raimon. They were first in lead. Rau Sem stopped Tsurugi's Kiku Ichimonji with Keeper Command 16 but failed later to stop Fei's Ouja no Kiba and Tenma's and Fei's combination Hissatsu, Extreme Rabbit. Later, they cancelled the match because SARU entered El Dorado's base.

In Episode 37, Rau Sem appeared again with his team to play a match against Entaku no Kishi. Rau Sem turned into Hyper Dive Mode, like the other members.


To recruit Rau, you first need to complete the story mode. Also, you'll need to have:

After this, he can be recruited for 2600 Kizuna Points.



At Lvl. 99

  • GP: 127
  • TP: 126
  • Kick: 66
  • Dribbling: 81
  • Block: 121
  • Catch: 144
  • Technique: 119
  • Speed: 92
  • Stamina: 83
  • Lucky: 109





Mixi Max[]

Best Match Mixi Max[]

Game Exclusive Teams[]

  • P. Heiba Robots