Ran d'Arc
Kirino Mixi Max CS 21 HQ 14
Gender Male
Position Defender
Number 3
Team Raimon
Chrono Storm
Character Used Kirino Ranmaru
Jeanne d'Arc
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 021
Ran d'Arc is a Mixi Max character in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.



When Kirino is Mixi Maxed with Jeanne, his hair becomes blond and his pigtails and the other part become much longer. His eyes are then azure, lightblue and he wears glasses. His skin also becomes lighter.


France EraEdit

He first appeared in Episode 21 after Kirino Mixi Maxed with Jeanne. He stole the ball from Gamma and passed it to Tsurugi. Later, he passed the ball to Shindou who used Mixi Trans Nobunaga to become Takunaga.

Three Kingdom EraEdit

He appeared again in Episode 24 after Kirino used Mixi Trans Jeanne. He was seen using La Flamme to get the ball from Shinjami.

Jurassic EraEdit

He appeared again in Episode 33 amd Episode 34 alongside with Takunaga, Kyouji, Taimei, Nishimoto, Shinbi and Feirano in the match against Perfect Cascade. He was beaten by Rei Rukh's shoot and later also by Tactics AX5. Later, he dodged some dinosaurs, who interrupted the match, along with the other members of Raimon. At the end of the first half, he was seen to be tired. In the second half, he used La Flamme to block Rei Rukh's shoot but it failed though Shinsuke in his Mixi Max form stopped the shoot along with the help of Kinako's Mochi Mochi Kinako Mochi.



Mixi MaxEdit

Mixi TransEdit

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