Ragnarok Stadium
Ragnarok Stadium CS40 HQ
JP name ラグナロクスタジアム
Dub name None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 040

The Ragnarok Stadium (ラグナロクスタジアム) is a stadium, which is located in the future.


Ragnarock Tournament CS 39 HQ

Ragnarok Tournament.

The Ragnarok Stadium was created by the Second Stage Children, with the ruins of El Dorado's headquarters, which they destroyed. A tournament was organized there, called the Ragnarok Tournament. The Second Stage Children's teams fought against Raimon and El Dorado, which were now allied with each other.

The three first matches ended with Zan's victory, Giru's defeat and a tie between Garu and El Dorado Team 3, being a tie for the two organizations. The last match, opposing Chrono Storm, also known as the Ultimate Eleven, to The Lagoon, ended with Chrono Storm's victory.


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