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Mixi Max is a new feature, which can fuse someone's aura with someone else's aura, combining their personality's and abillities, in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.

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How to use Mixi Max in the Chrono Stone game.

In the game, it is possible to Mixi Max any player with any other player in your team, in addition to specific Mixi Max like Shindou with Oda Nobunaga, offering a great number of combinations. When selecting a player's aura, it is also possible to select hissatsu techniques to give to the player on the receiving end.


Mixi Max is done by Clark Wonderbot with the Mixi Max Gun. It first appeared in Episode 2 to fuse Fei's aura with Tyrano's aura.

It appeared again in Episode 4 to fuse Yuuichi's aura with Kyousuke's aura and in Episode 8 to fuse Tenma's aura with Shuu's aura.

In Episode 11, Beta used the Ghost Mixi Max to give her power to Protocol Omega 2.0.

It is used in Episode 17, to fuse Nobunaga's aura with Shindou.

It appeared again in Episode 21 to fuse Jeanne d'Arc's aura with Kirino's aura.


As seen in the crossover movie Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W, Taiyou used his Mixi Trans with Shokatsu Koumei, meaning the movie events take after the period when Raimon is in the Three Kingdoms era.


One person's aura is taken and fused with the aura of the other person via Mixi Max Gun.

In order to work, the person receiving the aura must be at least of equal strength as the other person in order to absorb the aura and be able to complete the fusion. If they are not strong enough, the Mixi Max will result in a failure.

A better understanding of the person's nature and personality also helps being "compatible" with them.



  • In the game, Shokatsu Koumei Mixi Maxed with either Taiyou (Neppuu) or Hakuryuu (Raimei) depending on the version. Though, in the anime, she Mixi Maxed with Taiyou.
    • Taiyou's Mixi Max with Shokatsu Koumei was different from other Mixi Maxes. Koumei's Keshin struck down and kind of swallowed Taiyou, resulting in the Mixi Max. Wonderbot said that it was a forced Mixi Max.
  • As seen on the official site, you can use Keshin Armed while you are Mixi Maxed.
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