Majin Pegasus Arc R
Majin Pegasus Arc R
Keshin Data
JP name 魔神 ペガサス アークR
Dub name None
Element Wind
Type Shoot
Keshin Debut
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W (Keshin Armed)

Majin Pegasus Arc R (魔神 ペガサス アークR, Majin Pegasasu Aku Reddo, lit. Demon God Pegasus Red) is a Keshin used by Matsukaze Tenma.





Crossover MovieEdit

Its Keshin Armed was used by Tenma. He fought against Asta.

Obtaining itEdit

You can get Majin Pegasus Arc R after downloading the key which is available from 21/03/13. You can buy the key at Raimon, in the present, G-market. After that, go to the hut house in the past by the tower. Majin Pegasus Arc R will be in the golden chest.


  • It is said to be even stronger and more aggressive than Majin Pegasus Arc.
  • The word "R" stands for "Red", which is the color of this Keshin.
  • The keshin itself didn't appear in the movie, however its Keshin Armed was seen, even though Tenma only used Majin Pegasus Arc in its normal version.
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