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Majin Pegasus Arc
Majin Pegasus Arc CS 11 HQ 13.PNG
Keshin Data
JP name 魔神 ペガサス アーク
Dub name Unknown
Element Wind
Type Shoot
Keshin Debut
Game Inazuma Eleven GO
Anime Episode 001

Majin Pegasus Arc (魔神 ペガサス アーク, Majin Pegasasu Aku lit. Demon God Pegasus) is a Keshin used by Matsukaze Tenma.


Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone[]

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013[]


Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone[]

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013[]


In Episode 1, Tenma used it to block Alpha's strike mode shoot, but it was easily beaten.

In Episode 3, Tenma used it after Fei encouraged him and fused with it to create a Keshin Armed. He made a shoot with Yuuichi's Keshin Armed and scored the second and final goal for Tenmas.

He used it again in the Episode 4 and fused with it to pass the ball to Yuuichi.

In Episode 5, Tenma used it and tried to fuse with it to create his Keshin Armed but failed to do so.

In Episode 6, he continued trying to fuse with it, but as he couldn't, he resorted to attacking Beta who had possession of the ball. He failed due to her shoot which scored, beating his keshin and breaking Burai Hand. He later used it to shoot and used Justice Wing but failed due to Beta again, who easily stopped his shoot.

In Episode 7, Tenma tried again and again to use his Keshin Armed, but ended up becoming very tired without any success.

In Episode 8, he used it to stop Einamu's Shoot Command 06 with Shinsuke's keshin, but they weren't fast enough. Later, Tenma used it another time and finally succeeded to fuse with it. He easily scored a goal with a mighty shoot which broke Zanou's Keeper Command 03.

In Episode 9, Tenma used it and immediately fused with it. He scored a goal with his mighty shoot.

In Episode 10, Tenma used it another time but surprisingly, he failed to fuse with it.

In Episode 11, Tenma used it again and tried to fuse with it and this time, it was successful.