La Flamme
La Flamme CS 24 HQ 15
JP name ラ・フラム
Dub name La Flamme
Type Block
Element Fire
Characteristic Shoot Block
Users 1
Evolution Normal → G2 → G3 → G4 → GX
TP Consumtion
Chrono Stone 45
GO Strikers 2013 20
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 024

La Flamme (ラ・フラム, Rafuraamu) is a block hissatsu used by Kirino Ranmaru in his Mixi Max Form.





It first appeared in Episode 24 used by Kirino Ranmaru in his Mixi Max form. It was used in order to stop Shinjami and it was successful.


The user stands clear and fire appears around the arms. Then, the user spins around with the fire and releases the fire to create a firewall to stop the opponent.


La Flamme TCG

La Flamme in the TCG.


イナズマイレブンGO! クロノ・ストーン Kirino's MixiTrans La Flamme (HD)

イナズマイレブンGO! クロノ・ストーン Kirino's MixiTrans La Flamme (HD)


  • It's the first hissatsu which the name is in another language than English or Japanese, and also the first French hissatsu technique. The reason why it's in French is because this hissatsu is used by Kirino mixi maxed with Jeanne d'Arc, who is a French.
  • This technique might be based from the reason Jeanne d'Arc died in the French history, where it is said that she was burned alive.
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