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A Keshin (化身, Avatar) is an abillity to show the user's spiritual energy.


Keshin are described as the spiritual energy people create, which is usually invisible to the eye. But when that power is mastered, it reveals itself in a visible form.It was first used in Episode 001 when Alpha and his team had a soccer match with Tenmas but after bringing out his keshin, he used Keshin Armed, which Tenma's keshin couldn't stop.

List of KeshinEdit

See List of Keshin.


  • Keshin have levels, just like hissatsu moves:
    • Normal → Level 2 → Level 3 → Level 4 → Level 5 → Level 0.
    • The Keshin levels are shown next to the Keshin name
  • There is a new feature, which allows the player to equip their keshin, to create an armor which is called Keshin Armed.
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