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Kami no Takuto FI
Kami no Takuto FI CS 43 HQ 9.PNG
Hissatsu Tactic Data
JP name 神のタクトFI
Dub name Unknown
Type Defensive/Offensive
TTP Consumtion
TTP 70
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W
Episode 043

Kami no Takuto FI (神のタクトFI, Kami no Takuto Fire Illusion, lit. God's Baton Fire Illusion) is a Hissatsu Tactic used by Shindou Takuto.




It first appeared in Episode 43 in the match of El Dorado Team 02 and Giru. It was used by Shindou after Sakamaki gave Alpha's, Beta's and Gamma's data to Shindou. The first line went to Gamma, who was surprised that he was first and that the pass was perfect. The second line went from Gamma to Beta, who was surprised that Shindou synchronized the pass with her speed. The third line went from Beta to Alpha, who was surprised that it worked. Then, Shindou used it again to show Alpha, Beta and Gamma where they have to shoot.

After the first goal was scored for El Dorado Team 02 with Shoot Command 24, Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI again with the same directions as the first time. As Alpha received the pass and passed to Shindou, Giru thought that they should use Shoot Command 24 again but they trapped in the trap, as Shindou used Mixi Trans Nobunaga and scored the second goal with Setsuna Boost.

Kami no Takuto FI in the opening.

Crossover Movie[]

It was used in the Crossover Movie by Shindou in the match against Destructchers. The first line went to Kirino, the second line went to Nishiki and the third line went to Taiyou.


It was first seen in the 4th opening of the serie. It was used by Shindou in his Mixi Max form, playing for Raimon and sending the line to someone.



Crossover Movie[]