Jeanne d'Arc
Jeanne D´Arc CS 19 HQ
JP name ジャンヌ・ダルク
Dub name Joan of Arc
Gender Female
Position Defender
Number None
Element Fire
Team None
Seiyuu Minako Kotobuki
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 018
Jeanne d'Arc (ジャンヌ・ダルク) is a character in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone.


Jeanne in casual clothes CS 19 HQ

Jeanne in her casual clothes.

Jeanne has long straw blonde colored hair with bangs. She also has light teal eyes, and she wears square framed glasses. In the trailer, she is seen wearing silver armor with two badges stuck on them. She is usually seen wearing a cross.


She seems to be a timid and calm person who doesn't like to fight. She is also very kind and gentle, as show when her soldiers wanted to kill Raimon's members and she said to them spare their lives.


France EraEdit

Jeanne Asking For Reinforcements CS 20 HQ

Jeanne asking for more reinforcements.

She make cameo in the end of Episode 18. In the Episode 19, she appeared when some knights tried to capture Tenma and the others. She give to them some handmade candies. As some soldiers ask her what to do with Raimon, she says that they would go with them to Vaucouleurs. Later, Kinako invites her to play soccer. It that episode Wonderbot trying to Mixi Max Jeanne with Kinako but it failed. Daisuke then says that the motive for the Mixmax failed may be the fact that Jeanne still doesn't had awaken her true potential. After that Jeanne tries to play soccer.

In Episode 20, Jeanne talks with Charles VII about hiring more troops, which he, after some speech between the two, agrees. Later, Jeanne and Kirino talk about the war.

In Episode 21, it was especulated by Clark Wonderbot that if Raimon's power grows, Jeanne's may awaken her true potential. Later, she becames scared as one of the knights under her command was killed before her eyes. As Wonderbot fails again to do the Mixi Max between her and Kinako, she asks herself why she can't go to the battle and help the soldiers. Later on, she slowly starts to gain a lot of courage and starts to lead France again and realise her purpose for living, allowing Wonderbot to do the mixi-max successfully and making France and Raimon win their battles. After that, she goes back to Charles with the Raimon members and Charles praises both her and Raimon, and then later on she and Raimon say their goodbyes to each other and Raimon departs, but before that, she gives Kirino one of her candies, which he eats in the caravan.


In order to recruit Jeanne, you already need to have beaten The Lagoon and also need to have:

  • Item: Present Candy Heart (Obtained at the end of Chapter 5)
  • Photo: Fireplace
  • Item: Admirable Glasses
  • Encounter: Meet Jeanne!

After this, she can be scouted by an amount of 4000 Kizuna Points.


Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono StoneEdit

At Lvl. 99

  • GP: 118
  • TP: 164
  • Kick: 90
  • Dribbling: 100
  • Technique: 114
  • Block: 146
  • Speed: 126
  • Stamina: 97
  • Catch: 104
  • Lucky: 151


Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono StoneEdit

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Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono StoneEdit

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