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The Inazuma TM Caravan is a feature in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone.



The Inazuma TM Caravan has the ability to fly and is also a time-machine. But to go through the different times, something is needed: an Artifact. It has to have something with the timeline people want to go. After clearing the game, it can bring you everywhere where you have been.


It first appeared in the anime at the end of the Episode 1, driven by Clark Wonderbot, which made Tenma very surprised about it.

It was used many times again, so Tenmas and later Raimon can go to different times. It's principally used for the quest of the Ultimate Eleven.

As now, the artifacts used were:

  1. The soccerclub's doorplate, used to go to Endou's timeline, when he wanted to create the soccerclub.
  2. A soccer ball, used to go to the time when Yuuichi got injured.
  3. A ticket of the match Japan Vs. USA, used to go to the match and to prevent Beta from changing the story.
  4. The Hasha no Seiten, used to go to Daisuke's timeline, where he's still alive.
  5. A katana belonging to Nobunaga, used to go to the Sengoku Era.
  6. Jeanne d'Arc's helmet, used to go to Jeanne's Era.
  7. A scroll belonging to Shokatsu Koumei, used to go to The Three Kingdom Era.
  8. A photo of Sakamoto Ryouma, used to go to the Bakumatsu Era.
  9. A dinosaur fossil, used to go to the Jurassic Era.
  10. King Arthur's crown, used to go to the King Arthur Era


  • The TM in the name of the caravan means 'Time Machine'.
  • As Wonderbot did in the Episode 12, the caravan can become invisible by somesort of switch Wonderbot has.
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