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Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W (イナズマイレブンGO vs ダンボール戦機W) is the third movie of Inazuma Eleven series and the first one for the Danball Senki Series. It will be shown on the first of December of 2012.


  • Shinsei Inazuma Japan, a team formed by some of Raimon's players, Hakuryuu and Yukimura Hyouga are going to play against Endou's team Inazuma Legend Japan, until they instantly disappear.
  • An army of LBX will attack the stadium where they're playing. Shindou, Tsurugi and Tenma will use their Keshin Armed to fight against them.
  • The LBX do considerable damage to the stadium and other locations. Endou and his team are then seen disappearing, absorbed by a strange purple light.
  • The members of New Inazuma Japan are safe from the disaster, because of the Inazuma TM Caravan.
  • Asta, San and Fran are the main antagonists of the movie.
    • They seem to be able to "erase" the world and return it to its natural state, as trees start to grow in cities while buildings vanish.
  • Asta has a team, the Destructchers. Their goal is to destroy soccer.
  • San is able to control thousands of LBX at a time. His goal is to erase LBX.
  • While in her light form, Fran can control LBXs, and while in her dark form she can play soccer.

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