Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone Neppuu And Raimei

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone (クロノストーン) is the second game of the Inazuma Eleven GO series and the fifth installment of Inazuma Eleven games.

There are two versions of the game, the names are Neppuu (ネップウ, Hot Wind, Scorching Wind) and Raimei (ライメイ, Thunder, Thunderclap).

The release for the 2 titles is scheduled for December 13, 2012.

Version DifferencesEdit

  Neppuu Raimei
Teams Tsukigami no Ichizoku Vamp Time

Amemiya Taiyou
Yamano Ban

Oozora Hiro

Keshins Gokuen no Ashura
Kodaishin Kukurukan
Jigoku no Gouen Iguni
Hakugin no Jouou Geruda
Reitei Raidou
Byakuya no Senkou Raimeza
Hissatsus Beast Lord
Sunshine Storm
Burning Edge
Glorious Ray
Vampire Lord
Dragon Blaster
Demon's Bolt
Big Bang Slash
Original Stories Raimon Ikemen Contest Aliea Gakuen Strikes Back


Neppu And Raimei Covers

Neppuu's And Raimei's Covers

The story begins when? Tenma returns to Raimon Junior High, but finds that things have changed. The Raimon members are not soccer players. In fact, there is no soccer club at the school. Shinsuke is in a different club from Tenma. Is this a parallel world? Tenma wonders. That's when Alpha appears before him.

A future organization called El Dorado is an organization formed by the future world's countries to deal with important matters of world affairs, and for some reason, they've determined that soccer must be destroyed. To do so, they have assigned Alpha and his team, Protocol Omega to the mission of ridding soccer from the world.


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