Sakamoto Ryouma Arrives
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Episode # 026
Japan 2012/10/31
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Sakamoto Ryouma Makes His Appearance!! (坂本龍馬!登場!!, Sakamoto Ryouma Toujou!!) is the 26th episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Raimon finally returns but they cannot just rest yet. They time travel to the Shogunate era and seek Okita Souji and Sakamoto Ryouma. Nishiki handles finding Sakamoto and Midori handles finding Okita. But, Zanark Domain appears in Nishiki's group, but in the end, Hikaru wins it with Extend Zone. They are invited by a person that they met to eat, and during this time, Zanark seals Kondou Isami, and brainwashes other members of his faction. With this, the faction barges towards the house that Nishiki and the others are in. Shockingly, it was revealed that the person with them all along was in fact Sakamoto Ryouma. With this, another match is about to start.


Nishiki's group CS 26 HQ

Nishiki's group.

The episode started with everyone coming back to Raimon and Hayami getting excited and happy to the fact that everyone saw that Hayami really has changed from a negative to a positive person. Then the next day, Daisuke told about the 5th and 6th person their aiming, which is Okita and Sakamoto. Because of that, Midori and Nishiki got into an argument on who was better. While that happened, Daisuke picked the ones who will go to the Bakumatsu era.
Midori's group CS 26 HQ

Midori's group.

When they arrived, they decided to split into two teams, Nishiki leading the group in finding Sakamoto and Midori leading in finding Okita. In Nishiki's team, they saw a person rolling down and ended up by the enemies drawing out their katana's to attack Sakamoto. Then, Zanark Domain appeared and challenged Raimon. In the end, Hikaru won with scoring Extend Zone and Zanark Domain vanished with saying that they would see each other closer next time.

Then, Zanark sealed a person close to Okita and also brainwashed some of Okita's clansmen. In Sakamoto's scene, they were seen relaxing and eating too many foods. In shock, the people that Zanark brainwashed appeared and challenged Sakomoto, who then made every Raimon realize that they were with Sakamoto the whole time.

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