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Final Battle at the Fool's Festival!
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Episode Data
Episode # 016
Japan 2012/08/15
Previous Episode 015
Next Episode 017

Final Battle at the Fool's Festival! (うつけ祭りの決戦!) is the 16th episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Raimon is playing against Protocol Omega 2.0, who reveals some new hissatsu and takes the lead in the first half. In the second half, Raimon counterattacks and Tasuke and his friends revealed their new hissatsu called, Ichiyajou and Raimon make it tied. Protocol Omega 2.0 received power of Beta and is counterattacking. Shindou tried to fuse with his Keshin but failed again. Beta scores another goal and Protocol Omega takes the lead again.

Major Events[]

  • Before the beginning of the match, Oda Nobunaga and Imagawa Yoshimoto arrive near the field to watch the match opposing Raimon, supported by Nobunaga, and Protocol Omega 2.0, supported by Yoshimoto.
  • Tasuke and his friends play with Raimon, in which Beta told them they did a huge mistake. Tasuke and the others answered Protocol Omega 2.0 would be surprised by them, in which Beta said to not under-estimate her team.
  • The match starts. Protocol Omega 2.0 uses some new hissatsus, like Shoot Command K02, used by Beta, and takes the lead first.
  • Tasuke and his friends have a hard time playing against Beta's team, being scared by their power.

Shinsuke Armed trying to stop Shoot Command 07.

  • Finally, Tasuke, Shishimaru and Gorouta succeed to use Ichiyajou and stop some shoots using it.
  • Shindou attempts to use Keshin Armed, but still failed.
  • After Raimon tied with the help of Tsurugi's Keshin Armed, Beta uses the Ghost Mixi Max. Her team easily gets through Raimon's defense, and she scores the second goal using her Keshin Armed and Shoot Command 07.
  • The episode ends 2-1, Protocol Omega 2.0 leading.

Hissatsu/Keshin used[]



Keshin Armed Used[]



[Shishimaru] We've practiced tons!