Training in the Owari Province!
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Episode Data
Episode # 015
Japan 2012/08/01
Previous Episode 014
Next Episode 016

Training in the Owari Province! (尾張の国の大特訓!) is the 15th episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Raimon got arrested and Shindou explained to Nobunaga that they came from the future and that Nobunaga will not rule in Japan, which shocked everyone. Tasuke and his friends are learning soccer in order to play against Protocol Omega 2.0. Shindou is trying to use Keshin Armed and almost succeeded. Tasuke, Shishimaru and Gorouta are trying to create a block hissatsu, called Ichiyajou and Raimon is about to play against Protocol Omega 2.0.

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[Matsukaze Tenma and Tasuke] As long as you like soccer, it will answer back to you!

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