潜入! 踊り子大作戦!!
Infiltration! The Great Dancer Mission
Shindou Mixi Max failed CS 14 HQ
Episode Data
Episode # 014
Japan 2012/07/25
Previous Episode 013
Next Episode 015

Infiltration! The Great Dancer Mission!! (潜入! 踊り子大作戦!!, Sennyu! Odoriko Daisakusen!!) is the 14th episode of Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Raimon learnt how to dance in order to amaze Nobunaga. Shindou trained to Mixi Max with Nobunaga and complete his Keshin Armed. His Keshin Armed almost succeeded and Fei joined the training. Tsurugi watched Shindou and Fei and was thinking about what Fei said. The next day, Raimon disguised as dancers and were trying to get in. They succeeded with the help of Toukichirou. Raimon started to dance but they aren't doing well. Then, Toukichirou gave Tenma a soccer ball and Tenma and the others started to play soccer. Wonderbot took his Mixi Max Gun and wanted to Mixi Max Shindou with Nobunaga but failed again. Raimon got arrested by that and Beta captured Wonderbot, telling others that they were villains intent on killing Nobunaga with the Mixi Max Gun.

Major EventsEdit

  • Shindou is still trying to get his Keshin Armed and almost succeeded to.
  • To get closer to Nobunaga, Raimon infiltrates the cherry blossom viewing party disguised as dancers, but instead of dancing, they played soccer.
  • Shindou tries to Mixi Max again with Nobunaga, but failed another time.
  • After the Mixi Max's fail, Beta arrives, captures Wonderbot and tells Nobunaga that Raimon wants to kill him with the Mixi Max Gun.

Keshin usedEdit



[Okatsu] Eating pure white tofu will make your heart pure white as well, and you'll feel better again.