Dr. Arno Crossword
Dr. Arno Crossword CS 5 HQ
JP name クロスワード・アルノ博士
Dub name None
Gender Male
Position None
Number None
Element None
Team None
Seiyuu Naomi Kusumi
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 005

Dr. Arno Crossword (クロスワード・アルノ博士, Kurosuwaado Aruno Hakase) is a character. 

Plot Edit

Crossword Habit Of Disappearing CS 7 HQ

Crossword's habit of disappearing.

He first appeared in Episode 5. He explained how time travel works and parallel worlds. Because no other member from Raimon seemed to understand it, Yamana Akane simplified the explanation, as she likes science fiction.

He appeared again in Episode 6, driving the Inazuma TM Caravan and said to Raimon to come in the Caravan to leave the match.

He appeared another time in Episode 7. He stopped by to confirm that Gouenji wore a Time Bracelet and somehow knew him. He is trying to make some kind of antidote to save Endou Daisuke from the Chrone Stone.

In Episode 12, he appeared again and explained why Shindou couldn't Mixi Max with Oda Nobunaga: Nobunaga's power being too strong to be fused with Shindou, Crossword said Shindou had to train to become as strong as Nobunaga, and then to master Keshin Armed.

Arno appeared again in Episode 31, talking about Perfect Cascade. He also said that to Fei that the situation is worse, as El Dorado is now using their ultimate team. Later, he explained that knowing about Zanak Domain's failure against Raimon, El Dorado had previously passed the Time Paradox effects to Perfect Cascade, so Fei and the others would need to beat them.


  • He has the habit to appear and disappear when it is not expected.
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