Death Drop
Death Drop G3 CS 13 HQ 11.png
JP name デスドロップ
Dub name Doom Dive Drive
Type Shoot
Element Fire
Characteristic Shoot Chain
Users 1
Evolution Normal → G2 → G3 → G4 → GX
TP Consumtion
Chrono Stone 55
GO Strikers 2013 40
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 004

Death Drop (デスドロップ, Desudoroppu) is a shoot hissatsu technique used by Tsurugi Yuuichi in his Mixi Max form and Tsurugi Kyousuke.

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Info[edit | edit source]

The Hissatsu was first used in Episode 4 in the match of Raimon and Protocol Omega by Yuuichi in his Mixi Max form and scored the first goal, breaking through Zanou's Keeper Command 03.

It was used again in Episode 13 in the match of Raimon and Shiroshika by Tsurugi Kyousuke. He used it in its G3 form and scored a point for Raimon.

It was used again in Episode 32 by Tsurugi Kyousuke in it normal form. He used it to stop Rockstar from attacking Raimon which succeeded.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The user let the ball spin and then, the user makes a backflip and kicks the ball, which is covered by red and dark blue aura, into the sky. The user is flying with his face facing the ball and kicks the ball towards the goal.

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Inazuma Eleven Go! 2 Chrono Stone Death Drop G3

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