Clara Jane
Clara Jane
JP name クララジェーン
Dub name None
Gender Female
Position None
Number None
Element Wind
Team None
Seiyuu None
Game Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
Anime Episode 045

Clara Jane (クララジェーン, lit. Kurara Jēn) is a hurricane that Mixi Maxed with Zanark Abalonic.


Clara Jane first appeared in Episode 45. It was shown that it was a huge red hurricane surrounded by several lightnings. Zanark approached the hurricane by using his vehicle, and then, he went into it, to Mixi Max with it. He succeeded in doing it so, becoming the last member of the Ultimate Eleven.

Later, in the match of El Dorado Team 03 and Garu, Zanark used his Mixi Max with Clara Jane and used twice Great Max na Ore. Both shoots successfully scored, breaking through Chet's Shikigami Lines.

Aura DataEdit


At Lvl. 50

  • GP: 116
  • TP: 63
  • Kick: 93
  • Dribbling: 85
  • Technique: 37
  • Block: 65
  • Speed: 67
  • Stamina: 81
  • Catch: 48
  • Lucky: 34


Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono StoneEdit

Mixi MaxEdit

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono StoneEdit

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013Edit


  • When Zanark Mixi-Transes, he shouts "Super Zanark!" instead of "Clara Jane".
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